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Last updated on July 13th, 2017 at 01:17 pm

Andrew R. emails:

As something of a literary insider, I’m appalled by Kevin Rudd’s announcement of a large prize for works of literature.

The UK and Irish prizes this is modelled on have done their bit for the publishing industries of those countries, but also for the brands
of the private companies which invested in them. That this prize, state-subsidised and presidential—and therefore wholly unlike those
prizes—is part of Rudd’s 100-day programme suggests a reflexive statism.

That I know publishers lobbied for this makes me wonder what further debts are going to be called in.

Imagine the honour, though, of winning a Golden Kevni. Much more on Rudd’s cultural rewards from Andrew Bolt.

UPDATE. Important writer Elliot Perlman:

Melbourne writer Elliot Perlman, recently named one of the 50 most important writers in the world by French literary magazine Lire, said: “I don’t just say this because I am a writer, but you need substantial prizemoney, not only to help writers but to make society care …”

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