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Last updated on August 4th, 2017 at 01:35 pm

It’s boat time, says Democrat congressional candidate Robin Weirauch:

The first time humans were warned about a big flood, the message came directly from God, and Noah listened, even though everyone surely told him he was crazy.

This time, mere mortals of science and reason are the messengers, but God is still speaking to many of us when He tells us to take care of His creation. Will we listen like Noah? Or will we continue to doubt until it is finally too late?

Better start pairing up the spy squirrels and monster ducks. Biology professor – and self-confessed Presbyterian – Carl N. McDaniel also invokes the great mariner:

I think being spiritual is a deep part of human nature. It’s a blessing and a curse. Take the great story of Noah, the first real biodiversity specialist. We as humans need to learn from that biblical tradition, because we’re in the early stages of what you call a mass extinction and we can’t build an ark big enough for all 6 billion of us. We need to treat the Earth as our ark now, before it’s too late.

Sometimes it almost seems as though this “global warming” caper is developing, I don’t know, a slightly religious aspect.

UPDATE. In other boating news, a London Times reader is annoyed by inaccurate weather predictions:

I bought a yacht earlier in the year and consequently I’ve been paying very careful attention to weather forecasts from the Met office – basically, they’re bunk!

Check the forecast for tomorrow in the morning and it will be one thing, check in the afternoon and it will be something else, and when tomorrow arrives, the weather is a third unpredicted thing entirely. This has been a consistent pattern about 2/3rds of the time since April. They just make it up! Sack the lot of them and just guess that tomorrow’s weather will be like today’s and you’ll more than likely be right.

As for this winter’s weather; it will be a surprise, won’t it? There’s certainly no way the muppets at the Met office could predict it.

– Michael, Brighton, England

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