Lebanon “back to square one”

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 09:35 am

The Arab street reacts to Hassan Nasrallah’s war bungling:

With the Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah expressing regret Sunday on Lebanese TV for the month-long war in Lebanon in which more than a thousand people died, many people in the Kingdom accused the Hezbollah militia of “adventurism” and being “irresponsible.”

According to Homoud Al-Bader, a Shoura Council member, Hezbollah’s kidnapping of the Israeli soldiers has taken Lebanon back to “square one.”

Jeddah resident Abu Sami said Saudi Arabia was correct when they described the Hezbollah war against Israel as an adventure. “If we look at the situation now, the only thing that Nasrullah gained was scaring Israeli citizens and forcing them to live in bunkers for a month. But let’s be realistic, what did the Lebanese people win? Nothing.”

Hasan Minawi is a Lebanese national in his early 30s living in Jeddah. He said, “Nasrallah’s regret was expected – he wasn’t even ready for this war. He did not build any shelters or at least set up an siren system to warn people about pending attacks. He was ready with arms but not with backup. He should have apologized long ago.”

Wow. Imagine how much more upset they’d be if Hezbollah had, you know, lost.

Posted by Tim B. on 08/29/2006 at 01:22 AM