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Last updated on July 13th, 2017 at 01:31 pm

A possible legal case against climate alarmism:

Central Florida’s most famous hotel owner, Harris Rosen, lashed out at hurricane expert Dr. William Gray for his gloomy storm predictions saying they have damaged state tourism.

Rosen said he believes Florida lost billions of dollars in business because of Gray’s outlook and even threatened a lawsuit.

“Look, doctor, you’ve made these forecasts and you were wrong once,” Rosen said. “You made the forecast and you were wrong twice. Are you going to continue to make these forecasts?”

Interestingly, Dr Gray is a Gore sceptic. Nevertheless, writes Dan Moffett – with stats to suppport his claim – “it’s time to officially depose William Gray as the nation’s foremost tropical storm forecaster.” Back to Rosen:

The hotel mogul said surveys show 70 percent of guests not returning to his hotels cited hurricane fears as the reason why.

Perhaps Rosen will also challenge hurricane-booster Tim Flannery. It does seem a little unfair that hotel owners lose all that business while warmenists are cashing in:

“So, I’m not supposed to earn a living?’’ Flannery told Crikey.

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