Laws galore

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The Artists’ Law of Bravery, Boyle’s Law, Wilberforce’s 1st Law of Guilt, Dawkin’s 2nd Law of God, The Roe Wade Feminist Law, Mo’s 1st Law of Seething, Kepler’s Second Law of Planetary Motion, Leftist’s 1st Law of Motion, Jihadi’s 2nd Law of Motion, Latte-sippers 3rd Law of Motion, Sting’s 4th Law of Motion, Browne’s 2nd Law of Osmosis, Archimedes’ Principle, The Anti-Semites’ 1st Law of Thermodynamics, Heisenberg’s ‘Outcomes-Based Learnings’ Uncertainty Principle, Einstein’s Theory of Cultural Relativity, Hooke’s law of Elasticity, Moore’s 2nd Law, Darwin’s 2nd Theory of Evolution, Darwin’s 3rd Theory of Evolution, Peel’s Law, and the Feminist’s Law of Acceleration … all defined by Pommygranate.

Posted by Tim B. on 04/18/2007 at 10:24 AM
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