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* Crazy Mark is having the time of his life:

For me it’s a bit of a hoot. Their criticism of me is a bit of a hoot and a bit of entertainment.

* But Peter Beattie believes Latham needs help:

I think he has lost any friends he had left in Australia. Mark has damaged himself, he needs to move on, he needs help. The book is atrocious. It is vile, vicious and nasty bile, it’s the sort of thing which would give a dingo a bad name.

* Latham’s first wife denies claims of bisexuality:

Ms Gwyther said yesterday the Latham allegation was silly and unfounded. “It’s like he operates in an ethical and moral vaccuum,” Ms Gwyther said. “For me, it’s just sewer stuff.”

* The Townsville Bulletin’s John Anderson points out that local defence personnel are unlikely to buy Latham’s book:

Mark Latham, after all, did call them ‘meatheads’ in his diary only weeks after he played tin soldier in an armoured personnel carrier while on the campaign trail at Lavarack Barracks in September last year, just 18 days before the October 9 poll.

There he was smiling and shaking hands, sliming the vote from the Green Machine while inwardly despising those very same soldiers he was ingratiating himself with for volunteering to defend their country. And this from a man who in his diaries condemns his own former colleagues for their duplicity.

* And John Howard reveals that he keeps a diary of his own, although “it’s of a different character than some diaries that have been serialised recently.”

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