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Ruth Ritchie reviews blogger-scripted Australian drama Last Man Standing:

This is the sort of material that critics and audiences are always asking for. Relevant stories. Energetic, familiar characters. Good writing. Humour and drama in equal measures. An escape from cop shops and hospitals. A spunky attractive cast of newcomers rather than a clapped-out vehicle for some tired old Logie winner. Last Man Standing has all this, and pleasing production values, and yet … How does one put it tactfully? It sucks.

Viewers agree:

Australia’s newest home-grown drama, Last Man Standing, crashed in the ratings on Monday night and, after only two episodes, faces an uncertain future.

A future of further crashing, most likely:

Seven’s new Aussie drama Last Man Standing is wobbling at the knees, finishing fourth in its timeslot around the nation …

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Posted by Tim B. on 06/18/2005 at 11:55 AM
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