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Last updated on July 24th, 2017 at 11:14 am

Kim Beazley wishes John Howard was less of a wimp on terrorism, and proposes practical new policies that don’t get dragged down into civil liberty debates:

One of the problems with this government is it seeks to have a debate on terrorism that gets to an argument about civil liberties. We need a debate that goes around practical measures. We’ve put out one suggestion which is similar to legislation which exists now in NSW, so it’s a bit tougher and we think it should be picked up in the other States in a uniform way and by Canberra, and that is to give the capacity to the Police Commissioner in any jurisdiction to lock down an area from which he believes a terrorist threat may be emerging or where it’s actually occurred. This gives the police substantial powers of search and seizure …

Search and seize means that, say you’ve identified a suburb from which you think a threat is emanating … it gives you a capacity to search any like area without a warrant.

Imagine the screeching if Howard suggested suburb-wide warrantless searches. Beazley—whose tough new views may be alarming to 20% of his party—also supports the booting of goatee warrior Scott Parkin.

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