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Last updated on July 21st, 2017 at 03:01 pm

Several days prior to the shooting in London of a suspected recent visitor to Pakistan, the Sunday Times reported:

Under secret guidelines codenamed Operation Kratos, armed officers were instructed that they should shoot to kill suspected suicide bombers. “The most effective way of dealing with someone with explosives is to shoot them in the head,” said the officer.

Theory proved. That’s via Alan R.M. Jones, whose sister is presently in London. She sends this email:

Yesterday, we took the children up to London to see the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy and to the Tate Gallery. We travelled from here to Euston and then got on the Victoria Line to take us to Pimlico to the Tate. We were literally ON the train that went through Warren St. (where a device failed) about half an hour before the incident. That’s about as close as I would wish to get!  The rest of the day involved endless walking, policemen with machine guns passing by, sirens, areas being cordoned off. But in the end we saw some art and took the kids to China Town for supper. So there!

Meanwhile, Londoners are showing some Mark Bingham spirit:

Upstairs in the station, a passenger, Paul Martin, saw “a guy being chased. It was completely crazy. People were trying to drop him, to rugby tackle him,” he told The Guardian.


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