Kids say the scienciest things

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Last updated on August 8th, 2017 at 01:20 pm

Ten-year-old Olivia Fleet offers her considered opinion on global warming:

Some people may not know what global warming is, so before I begin talking about what it’s doing, I’ll explain exactly what it is. First off, global warming happens when the Earth begins to get very warm … Because of this, polar bears are nearly extinct!

Via J.F. Beck; hit that link. Despite Olivia’s warming = very warm thesis, the University of Tokyo’s David Day dares suggest global warming is a crock:

After more than 200 years, you would think that non-Aboriginal Australians would be used to the fact that the continent experiences great variability in its climate, oscillating between years of too much rain and years of too little. Yet each time we have one of these naturally occurring events, there have been calls for something to be done about the weather. And there have always been people prepared to make alarming predictions and offer simplistic solutions to phenomena that are still not completely understood by meteorologists and climatologists.

Read on to learn of Australian panic pioneer Clement Wragge, who, were he alive today, would be hailed a climate-knowing genius the equal of Al Gore (or even Olivia Fleet). And in Canada’s National Post:

For more than a decade, Henrik Svensmark of the Danish National Space Center has been pursuing an explanation for why Earth cools and warms. His findings—published in October in the Proceedings of the Royal Society—the mathematical, physical sciences and engineering journal of the Royal Society of London—are now in, and they don’t point to us.

This debate never seems to end.

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