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Following months of intensive research, Margo Kingston’s expert Webdiary staff have finally devised the perfect means by which an online news service (or even Webdiary) may generate income:

How to donate: By cheque or money order to: Webdiary Pty Ltd  PO Box 1031  Spit Junction NSW 2088

Who’d ever have thought? It seems people can support websites by sending money through the mail!  The online revolution continues. (Webdiary’s other payment option: internet banking transfers. So quick and easy!) As delighted reader Jalal says:

Wayne, Margo et al, the Webdiary is getting better and better. I used to buy a newspaper on daily basis, I have stopped and I do not see any urge in doing so.

Even better is an endorsement from Brigadier Adrian d’Hage. “After his book was published he wrote me the following letter,” reports Margo, who appears to have transcribed the letter while wearing boxing gloves:

Dear Margo,

It seems like an age since we had that “off the record” lunch in Manuka (the restaurant seems to change its name every time I go back!), or iddndeed another age since I reported from Istambul. The fruits of my labour are enclosed – and I see we have great taste in publishers!. I enjoyed Not Happy John immensely.

The Omega Scroll is a thriller designed to reach a broad audience, but you will not be surprised to find that there is a deeper message within its pages. The chase for the scroll aside, there is a message about the futility of going to war, and the influence of religion.

It might sound strrange, coming from a military man, but I continue to hold to my view that the invasion of Iraq will go down in history as one of the most ill-planned military operations of modern times and the nuclear suitcase threat is real.

Unfortunately, the only senior US officer th stand up to Bush and Rumsfeld was the US Army Chief of Staff General Eric Shinseki, and not surprisingly, he was sacked.

More importantly, our poltcis in the Midsdle east are a real threat oto the stability of the wider world. nThe invasion of Iraq with woefully insifficent troop numbers and without the sanction of the UN has provided a fertile breedkiding ground for Islamic fundamantalistas.

Regretably, the co0aliton pociesmin Iraq and the Middle East have also been aided and encoruages by the influential ChirstianRight in the uSRelagion has got a lot to answer for, and I make that remark as someone who holds an honours degtree in Theology. I entered my studies asa a very committed Christian and graduated “of no fixed religion”.

The threat of nuclear suitaces first came to my attention when i was heading up the planning for the security of the Sydney during the Olympics, and I went so far as to organise a respinse in case one of them should surface. There is now considferable (albeit not well known) open source reporting of the existence of these – first raised by Boris Yewltsin’s Security Secretary, Alexander Lebed, in a meeting othe US House of Represenatives in 1998.

One can only hope that in the future the West will be blessed with somew leaders of vision who can address the “why” of all this before on eof those suitcases becaomes a relaity. More than happy to debate this in the pages of your diary!@ Keep up the good wrok.

Best regards,
Adrain d’Hage

Worth paying for.

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