John needs halp

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“20 million Americans must have seen it all over the Internet,” writes Victor Davis Hanson, “and nothing sums up the nothingness of Kerryism better than those smiling soldiers.” Further on those soldiers from the Star Tribune:

Members of a unit under the command of the Minnesota National Guard turn out to be the creators of an intentionally misspelled sign that takes a mocking shot at Sen. John Kerry.

The sign, painted in thick, blue letters across a white banner says, “Halp us Jon Carry – We R stuck hear n Irak.”

The picture of the sign, held by eight soldiers, has raced across the Web and on TV newscasts for the past two days. Power Line, the Twin Cities-based conservative blog dubbed the soldiers “our hometown heroes of the Minnesota National Guard” …

The Minnesota connection was first reported today by the New York Post, under the headline “GIs DROP SMART BOMB ON KERRY / HILARIOUS HEROES FIRE BACK OVER DEM AND DUMBER CRACK ABOUT IRAQ.”

The photo initially was posted on the website of Milwaukee talk radio host Charlie Sykes, who said “everybody picked it up to the point where it crashed our server.”

John Kerry has never been so popular.

Posted by Tim B. on 11/02/2006 at 09:29 PM
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