Jake wins

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 12:39 pm

Caught up with Jake Ryan—the Bali bomb survivor for whom readers of this site raised more than $1400—earlier this week when he visited Sydney. He’s doing great; fitter than ever, still playing football, and currently considering a job offer that would see him regularly visiting the US and Europe. Naturally, being Jake, he was in the company of Hailey, a Jaguar-driving magazine model.

Just a friend, as it happens. Bali doesn’t come up very often in conversation with Jake these days—he’s over it—but he mentioned more than once his gratitude for all the kind emails and donations and letters from you guys, and from people made aware of Jake by other sites. Some things you never get over.

Which the regulars at our local bar are probably thinking following the unexpected appearance in their midst of a Jaguar-driving magazine model. Who, come to think of it, is a physical manifestation of those Western freedoms that so enrage the Islamists who tried to kill Jake in 2002: a woman who drives, wears immodest clothing, and drinks alcohol.

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