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It’s all about oil:

The mother of a Melbourne youth allegedly found on a Sydney bus with two bottles of petrol said she was worried he “likes Islam too much”.

He should have stuck with baseball bats, which apparently deliver some form of legal immunity (bat ownership is increasingly popular, incidentally). A number of whiteys have also been apprehended in possession of petrol, which has allowed the press to define Sydney’s recent troubles in terms of a white supremacist uprising. Premier Yemmier—who earlier agreed with the Prime Minister that Australia isn’t a racist nation—is now riding the media wave:

NSW Premier Morris Iemma has asked police to investigate possible action against the makers of white supremacist videos, which are being circulated on the internet.

Mr Iemma said videos encouraging white supremacist action had been referred to Police Commissioner Ken Moroney, and police would crack down on anyone breaking the law.

I wonder how Moroney’s promised crackdown on Sydney’s Islamic Bookstore—The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was available at a discount the last time I visited—has worked out. And what was ever done about a Sydney sheik’s statement that women who wore less than he deemed adequate were inviting rape?

Additional reading—James Morrow:

One of the more ludicrous attempts to push the “racist Australia” angle turned up on the opinion page of Saturday’s The New York Times, the holy-of-holies of enlightened thinking for the bien pensant class. There Eva Sallis, an Adelaide-based writer and professional activist, portrayed Australia as more backwards than 1955 Mississippi while steadfastly ignoring any possibility of Lebanese Muslim dysfunction that wasn’t caused by white people. Fortunately, with its declining circulation and routine newsroom scandals, no one takes the The New York Times all that seriously any more …

And also Manny.

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