Iraqi tells american to leave

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Adding to the fun of Saddam’s sentencing, Ramsey Clark was thrown out of court:

During today’s session, Saddam Hussein’s defense attorney, former US attorney general Ramsey Clark was kicked out of the courtroom by the judge.

The judge justified his action by saying that Clark, a member of Saddam’s international defense team, offended the court and the Iraqi people.

According to this AP report, the judge was slightly more curt:

Before the session began, one of Saddam’s lawyers, former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, was ejected from the courtroom after handing the judge a memorandum in which he called the trial a travesty.

Chief Judge Raouf Abdul-Rahman pointed to Clark and said in English, “Get out.”


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UPDATE. Jules Crittenden:

So Saddam, theoretically, will dangle. Iraq, theoretically, will erupt in still more sectarian violence.

The first is good. The second, unavoidable and probably necessary. Thanks to three decades of Saddam, thanks to 1,400 years of bitter Muslim history, none of which have anything to do with the U.S. invasion, Iraq is exploding.

Today’s bloodshed is every bit as horrific as was Saddam’s slaughter of his own people, when to secure his own position, he used Iraq’s minority Sunnis to aid his murder, torture and subjugation of hundreds of thousands of Iraq’s Shiites and Kurds. What we are watching is the inevitable result, as inevitable as the verdict that Saddam must hang like a common criminal.

UPDATE II. Greens senator Kerry Nettle opposes Saddam’s death sentence:

Senator Nettle welcomed the public trial but said the Greens did not support the death penalty under any circumstances.

“The death penalty is motivated by a sense of revenge rather than a sense of justice,” she said.

“Revenge has no place.”

Socialism is an economic system based upon envy and revenge. Doesn’t seem to have stopped the Greens from embracing it.

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