Independence day

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 02:46 pm

“Something to think about this Independence Day,” emails the Boston Herald’s Jules Crittenden. “The photo tells the story.”

UPDATE. Happy Fourth of July to all US readers. Should any of you feel the impulse to do something wicked this Independence Day, take it out on Gaia.

UPDATE II. John Kerry:

When we protested the war in Vietnam some would weigh in against us saying: “My country right or wrong.” Our response was simple: “Yes, my country right or wrong. When right, keep it right and when wrong, make it right.”

I feel history repeating itself.

So does anyone who’s listened to John Kerry talk about Vietnam. I understand he may have fought there once.

UPDATE III. More from Mekong John:

Millions tune out because they’re so sickened by what’s happening they’ve given up on the idea of changing it.

Turnout at the 2004 election was impressively high.

UPDATE IV. Yet more from the Man with the Magic Hat:

Patriotism also means dissent …

Hey, credit where it’s due, buddy! Didn’t Thomas Jefferson not say that?

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