Indefensible defended

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Antony Loewenstein—“I gather strength from brave Jews”—apparently gathers even greater strength from those who would kill brave Jews:

Sooner or later, the US and its Western allies will have to learn to deal with groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. True democracy means accepting the will of the people, without interference or obstruction. The West should be worried.

Exactly why we should be worried, Loewenstein doesn’t say; presumably this “will of the people” deal isn’t as benign as it sounds. Seeing as it’s the will of the incoming Palestinian government that Jews should be killed, Loewenstein—rather than obstruct or interfere—opts instead to spin for Hamas:

It should be noted that Hamas was not running on a platform of destroying Israel or wiping Jews from the face of the earth – its charter was barely even raised during the campaign – but rather, the corruption in the Palestinian Authority and its failure in improving the conditions of the Palestinian people.

The Hamas charter—“death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its wishes”— was barely even raised! Well, that makes everything just dandy. Not that Antony’s reading of events should necessarily be trusted; recently he announced that Israeli justice minister Tzipi Livni was a man, and this week he had this to say:

I recently commented that Jews are sometimes their own worst enemies when attempting to blindly support Israel, spewing vitriol in an attempt to defend the indefensible. We now have another specimen for examination.

That specimen? Crime novelist Andrew Klavan—an Episcopalian. Alerted to this, Antony bravely pretended to have known all along.

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