Impassivity reconsidered

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Last updated on March 6th, 2018 at 12:30 am

Time was when Mark Latham could impress the Sydney Morning Herald’s Mike Seccombe by literally doing nothing:

Through the whole of question time, Latham sat impassively, not interjecting as the Government punched away to no end, just smiling a little at John Howard.

As if to say Is that the best you can do – old man?

But now Seccombe seems vaguely annoyed at Latham’s impassive failure to interject:

Joel Fitzgibbon, once Latham’s best man, and last week his sort-of spokesman, denied recent contact with his old mate. So, too, Simon Crean, another member of Latham’s much reduced support base, who said he was respecting his leader’s request for time out to continue recuperating from his most recent bout of pancreatitis.

Even Mr Latham’s office staff had nothing new to offer. They hadn’t heard anything recently. No indications the leader planned to depart from his stubborn insistence that he would continue resting, incommunicado, until his return on Australia Day, nine days hence.

As the old saying goes: “Once you’ve lost Seccombe, you’ve lost possibly 0.02% of the voting public … within that tiny demographic who bother to read Seccombe.” Latest rumours are that Latham has suffered a nervous breakdown, which would be terrible if true; the agony of pancreatitis would be as nothing compared to the howling misery of a breakdown.

Posted by Tim B. on 01/17/2005 at 02:49 AM
    1. From aus.politics…

      “Mark Latham or an inanimate carbon rod?”

      “In rod we trust.”

      Posted by Richard_of_Oz on 01/17 at 03:17 AM • #


    1. Latham’s pretty much dead politically…but who to replace him with?

      Beazley? Sure, he’s popular, but he’s a two-time loser.

      Rudd? Too preppy.

      Gillard? Too much of a lefty with a Kath and Kim accent

      One of the roosters?

      Peter Costello?

      Posted by Quentin George on 01/17 at 08:31 AM • #


    1. Give America a call: We might export Alan Keyes for the right price.

      Posted by Aaron – Free Will on 01/17 at 08:56 AM • #


    1. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. WE WANT LATHAM RIGHT WHERE HE IS!

      That way, the Libs will be in power forever and Margo can keep her job as a Webdiary daycare centre for the Loony Left (yes Marilyn Shepherd, I’m talking about you).

      Posted by Karl Fidel Adams-Kingston on 01/17 at 09:03 AM • #


    1. Please god, don’t let Mark have had a nervous breakdown.

      I was hoping for that milestone, on camera, just after Mark lost his third election. to Peter Costello.

      Posted by Harry Buttle on 01/17 at 10:12 AM • #


    1. Speaking of nervous breakdowns…
      Has anyone ever noticed the way that the perpetual nervous breakdown, otherwise known as Mike Seccombe, quivers uncontrollably? He’s like the shivering Chihuahua in those Warner Bros. cartoons, particularly when seated across from Andrew Bolt on the ABC’s Insiders program on a Sunday morning. Even though poor Andrew is safely out-numbered 3 to 1…that’s the ABC’s idea of balance right there…Mike still seems unable to compose himself. He’s apparently not used to debate. Go get him Andrew!

      Posted by Brian on 01/17 at 10:48 AM • #


    1. Mark’s obviously got Wernicke Korsakoff’s syndrome already. He just wouldn’t get off the booze. So sad.

      Posted by mr magoo on 01/17 at 12:05 PM • #


    1. Mr Magoo : I think “Magic Hat” “Cambodia at Christmas” Kerry is more likely a victim of W-K Syndrome than Our Mark.

      Very few Australians suffer from it – Vegemite has vast quantities to Thiamine, so even if your absorption is impaired, a tablespoon of it will flood the system for weeks.

      But seriously folks… I’m not merely not a fan of Mark Latham as a politician, I consider him a poor excuse for a human being. He’s a thug, political and otherwise.

      But wishing him a nervous breakdown? Let’s not be like the Idiotarian Left, shall we, let’s retain a little common humanity. Compared with Arafat (who’s still in a stable condition I hear), or even Castro, Latham’s doesn’t deserve any of this crap.

      Posted by aebrain on 01/17 at 01:06 PM • #


    1. Seccombe exerting voting influence over 0.02%? Nah! More like 0.00002%

      Posted by Lew on 01/17 at 01:28 PM • #


    1. Hence the qualifier “within that tiny demographic who bother to read Seccombe”.  Which makes the 0.00002% estimate spot on.

      Posted by Grand Old Elephant on 01/17 at 05:41 PM • #


    1. Talking of “Cambodia at Christmas,” Notice the Gilliard woman is holidaying in either Vietnam or Cambodia according to dsifferent reports. No doubt she gets her rocks off visitng the re-education camps and killing fields.

      Posted by Kevin Dunn on 01/17 at 08:19 PM • #


    1. With-out wishing it on him, I think Mark has had a nervous breakdown.

      On what evidence may you ask?

      Well, I’m glad you asked.

      Firstly he is a graduate of Labor’s school of secluded easy arse licks, promoting him beyond his ability.

      Secondly he was bult up by a fawning, hopeful meeeja, who expected a revisitation of Goff the magnificent.

      After he failed dismally to be Australian PM he was attacked by his supposedly sympatheic supporters.

      On top of that he is sick.

      If it was only pain he still could manage facing the cameras for a minute or two offering condolences.

      If as I suspect he is talking with the fairies he wouldn’t be able to without provoking questions.

      He was a disaster of epic proportions waiting to happen.

      Labor party philosophy come full circle.

      Mike Seccombe should see the signs and cut him some slack.

      Posted by gubbaboy on 01/17 at 08:34 PM • #


    1. I say the above comments not out of spite but recognition, having been recently promoted above my ability.

      John Howard as usual got it right when he said that it was an afront for the Labor party to put forward a candidate who was by and large untested to the Australian people.

      Again it is a Labor machine problem.

      Detachment from reality.

      Posted by gubbaboy on 01/17 at 08:50 PM • #


    1. As the ALP is now dominated by the “Balmain Basket Weavers” and the Chattering Classes, we finally discover that empty vessels make the most noise.

      Except that in this case there is no noise, and suggests a most dense vacuum.

      (pardon the oxymorons)

      Posted by Louis on 01/17 at 09:40 PM • #


    1. Journo talk in my cab last night indicated a nervous breakdown it is. Poor bastard.

      Posted by JAFA on 01/18 at 04:45 AM • #


  1. Latham has just stood down as Opposition Leader …

    Posted by Stevo on 01/18 at 02:53 PM • #