Ignorant and offensive

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 05:22 am

The Sydney Morning Herald’s Mike Carlton:

Hilaly’s remarks on rape were indeed ignorant and offensive …

But … but … but:

… but much of the media campaign against him has been blatant racism and religious bigotry.

Isn’t it terrible that the media should accurately report Hilali’s views?

UPDATE. 1.618: “I refuse to read Mike Carlton.” Most people also refuse to listen to him, as Bonmot notes:

Yes, Carlton is disgusting. His fawning all over Malcolm Fraser quite nauseating.

In the same paper David Marr is basking in Alan Jones’s discomfort at a contempt of court hearing: “The numbers are all wrong this week for Alan Jones: his 2GB ratings are slipping and sales of Jonestown have gone through the roof”.

Which brings us back to Carlton, full circle. Jones’s ratings are apparently ‘slipping’. Jones breakfast ratings on 2GB, current survey, 15.5, last survey 15.6. A mighty drop as we can see.

Contrast this to Jones’s opponent Mike Carlton. Current survey, 7.8, last survey 8.2. No wonder Carlton hates Jones.

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