Human shield gone wild

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 02:38 pm

Peace activist and former human shield Christiaan Briggs—personal motto: “Centre your life around making others happy”—makes himself happy by putting a teenager in a coma:

Christiaan Taylor Briggs, 30, is accused of punching Billy Leeson, 19, the lead singer of young British band Les Incompetents after an argument on a city bus.

British media reports says Leeson was on his way home on a No. 29 bus after performing at a sellout gig when he confronted a man harassing his girlfriend.

The two men got off the bus together in Camden Road, north London, and Leeson was punched.

He fell to the ground, hitting his head on the footpath and fracturing his skull, just before 11pm on June 22. His attacker ran off laughing.

Florida Cracker has all the details, including Briggs’s selfless reasons for his human-shielding mission in Iraq. And in other news of the unexpected:

A group of tourists was inadvertently introduced to Norwegian hunting practices during a whale-watching trip in the far north of the country.

As they were admiring one of the animals, a Norwegian whaling boat came along and harpooned it.

I hope—no, pray—someone taped their reaction.

UPDATE. Briggs is also a former Green candidate for Parliament.

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