Howard decade noted

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Last updated on March 6th, 2018 at 12:30 am

In this week’s Bulletin …


Tony Wright interviews Australia’s best Prime Minister;

David Frum argues that Australia should re-introduce the death penalty;

* A Continuing Crisis column appears, in which Dr Tim Flannery is invited to take a polygraph test;

* And there’s a bunch of other stuff, too.

UPDATE. Labor’s Martin Ferguson:

After a decade in Opposition we have plenty of storytellers but not much of a story to tell.

UPDATE II. Phillip Adams:

We Howard haters are popping the corks along with the Howard huggers. For at least we’re 10 years closer to Howard’s departure from the Lodge and Kirribilli than we were in 1996.

UPDATE III. Janet Albrechtsen:

For Howard, the intellectual Left is the gift that keeps on giving.

UPDATE IV. Bill Leak:

Howard has reshaped Australia to conform to his own vision. We love the inflated feelings of international self-importance he has given us and we don’t seem to care about all the things he has taken away. Happy to live in an economy instead of a society, we might as well also accept that we are all Little Johnnies now.

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