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Last updated on June 24th, 2017 at 11:33 am

Earth Hour’s finest moment:

Organizers of the Singapore Grand Prix have chosen Earth Hour to debut megawatt-using streetlights that will be used to illuminate F1’s first night race later this year.

The lights (300 times more powerful than normal street lights) are being tested today when much of the world is turning their lights off for one hour to symbolically bring attention to the growing environmental crisis.

UPDATE. Earth Hour sadness:

It’s sad, how the streetlights didn’t go out, and how my family kept the lights on even though I tried to convince them. I get tired easily, never keeping up an argument. They turned them off at 8:30, and we ate dinner like that. We could have at least had dinner earlier. Well, I burst, and of course, went to do that in my room, where it could actually have a good dark comparison. Then I started to listen to a song that got me thinking about the situation I was in. I had turned on the waterworks and didn’t even know why until I actually thought about it.

I knew, because it was out of disappointment to my family and the city, so it was not dark for Earth Hour. It was very disappointing. And then, it was how I could not help, them, us. I felt helpless… I still am helpless. I also saw failure in myself, constantly.

But according to someone who doesn’t believe in measurement, the night was a triumph:

Earth Hour spokesman Charlie Stevens branded the night a success, regardless of the result on meter boards.

“We are really happy with the result, but Earth Hour wasn’t ever going to be about the (electricity) results.”

No. It’s about a little emo girl, crying in her room.

UPDATE II. In related news

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