Holy warmers

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Chicago’s Steve Huntley:

Global warming alarmists pounced on last year’s killer hurricanes as evidence of the dangers of climate change. But the 2006 hurricane season hasn’t produced a devastating storm and now they’re cautioning us against jumping to conclusions based on the evidence of one year.

Yeah, they’ll do that. Interestingly, eco-religionists continue to be joined by other People of Faith:

Now, energetic support for doing something about the environment comes from an unexpected corner: religious Americans. The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has a survey showing significant majorities of all major American religious groups favor stronger measures to protect the environment. “We, as evangelical Christians, have a responsibility to God, who owns this property we call Earth,” says the Rev. Richard Cizik of the National Association of Evangelicals. ‘‘We don’t own it. We’re simply to be stewards of it. If climate change is occurring, can we simply, with blinders on, pretend it isn’t happening?’’ …

Given how scientists have increasingly become openly contemptuous of religion, it will be sweet irony indeed if people of faith generate the political groundswell to force government to respond to science’s fears about global warming.

Crazy Presbyterians.

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