Holocasut off limits

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Last updated on March 6th, 2018 at 12:31 am

From Paul Sheehan’s SMH column—noted earlier by several commenters—this extract:

The calculus of violence and reprisal is chilling in its implications: one Israeli soldier is abducted, so 1.5 million Palestinians must be thrown into darkness, elected officials must be rounded up and taken into custody, and the democratic process in the Palestinian territories treated with contempt.

“What an inconvenience,” notes sarcastic Sharon Lapkin, via email. “All just to rescue a young Jewish man from slaughter. Astonishing.” It is astonishing, more so because I know Sheehan to be a reasonable and thoughtful person; he should flee the SMH before he’s completely assimilated. Beyond hope is Addamo, a frequent drive-through presence here:

Simply put, the actions and policies of Israel need to stand alone, not framed in terms of the Holocuast. Israel is no longer a victim or vulnerable, but very much in control of the regional situation.

It will be healthy for all countries, including Israel to accept that the Holocasut has past and what is taking place in the Middle East can no longer be justified or excused by it.

Suits me fine. No more using the Holocasut—or even the Holocaust—to justify current Israeli policies! I suppose we’ll get used to it.

Posted by Tim B. on 07/10/2006 at 11:34 AM
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