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Last updated on August 8th, 2017 at 05:23 pm

Reuters—your world leader in news distortion—believes Tzipi Livni is a man:

Israel said the truce did not cover the West Bank. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said it was too early to say if the Gaza agreement was unravelling.

“We have to see this as the start of an opportunity,” he told Army Radio.

Hey, easy mistake to make. Even renowned Israel experts sometimes fall for the old “Tzipi is a guy” trick.

(Via Dr Sam)

Posted by Tim B. on 11/26/2006 at 10:32 AM
    1. I’m a guy and I’ve called myself “Tzipi” but I meant to say “Tipsy”.

      Actually, I was drunk.

      Posted by JDB on 2006 11 26 at 10:50 AM • permalink


    1. This person is an invention of Larry Niven.

      Posted by Rob Read on 2006 11 26 at 11:41 AM • permalink


    1. Well, I bet they know the gender of all the Palestinian spokespersons!  Oh, wait…

      Posted by RebeccaH on 2006 11 26 at 12:20 PM • permalink


    1. Gender lines have become blurred ever since girls jeans started to have tzips.

      Posted by blogstrop on 2006 11 26 at 04:14 PM • permalink


    1. I think there’s a Reuters bar in Sydney: Drinking dulls the truth, that’s what Reuters wants you to believe.

      Even then they are simulating the knowledge to suit the agenda and the economy.
      Blair news is good news, blair reporters are gutsy. Read our news today at 5….

      8.30 A classic line up tonight!
      Movie “Not without my Children” An American woman, trapped in Islamic Iran by her brutish husband, must find a way to escape with her daughter as well.

      I give it 10 stars…

      Blair TV is a good perv and is good to watch.

      Posted by 1.618 on 2006 11 26 at 05:37 PM • permalink


    1. That is just too funny.

      And these idiots (yes, I’m including Loewenstein) presume to lecture us on the Middle East.

      Posted by Dan Lewis on 2006 11 26 at 06:58 PM • permalink


    1. Is that like the famous underground comics character, Tzipi the Tpinhead?

      Posted by richard mcenroe on 2006 11 26 at 09:33 PM • permalink


    1. I see that Loewenstein got a job with Reuters.

      Posted by The Best Infidel on 2006 11 26 at 10:03 PM • permalink


    1. Tzipi’s sex is a fact.  You can’t expect professional journalists to bother about mere facts.  If they paid any attention to facts and tried to report them correctly they would not be ace reporters, and would never have time to file any Arab propaganda lies, er I mean stories.

      Segue away from sarcasm to serious comment:

      It seems that mere contact with the Middle Eastern Muslim way of reporting news has had a destructive effect on the ethics and competence of Western news reporting.

      Posted by Michael Lonie on 2006 11 26 at 11:46 PM • permalink


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