Haters vote

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Last updated on August 6th, 2017 at 01:44 pm

What was Gary Punch saying the other day? Something about Asian voters hating John Howard? Let’s see what Labor research reveals about the voting patterns of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese migrants in the seat of Bennelong:

“It’s not the case that the resulting new electors are ALP voters – at the last federal election they broke slightly in favour of the Libs …”

In other local political news, Peter Garrett – worth $15 million or so – offers this description of himself:

A person of moderate means …

Sure, Pete. And Al Gore lives in a mud hut. Not to be overshadowed by Bob Brown’s recent demand that the coal industry be shut down, Billy Shorten is getting all Hugo Chavez on cotton and rice:

Union leader and Labor recruit Bill Shorten called yesterday for cotton and rice growers to be forced out of business and their water-intensive crops replaced by less thirsty options such as hemp.

Hemp is Geothermia’s major export crop.

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