Half-gallon of whiskey and a room

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AP writer Matt Crenson’s apocalyptic pre-Katrina piece turned out to be more accurate than many would have suspected, so it might be worth reading this Crenson item on Hurricane Rita. Meanwhile, Texans are on the move:

The Texas coast is now on high alert and it seems people trying to leave could walk out faster than drive.

Where they end up is anyone’s guess, but many of them may be heading to Central New York.

If they get all the way to Manhattan, they can stay with James Wolcott. Lamentations have already commenced for The Poor and Forgotten Who Are Most at Risk in Evil Bush’s Category 5 America, but these homeless guys seem to be doing OK:

Eddie McKinney, 64, who had no home, no teeth and a torn shirt, stood outside the EZ Pawn shop, drinking a beer under a sign that said, “No Loitering.”

“We got no other choice but to stay here. We’re homeless and we’re broke,” he said. “I thought about going to Dallas, but now it’s too late. I got no way to get there.”

Where will he stay?

“A nice white man gave me a motel room for three days. Just walked up and said, ‘Here.’ So my buddy and me will stick it out,” he said, pointing to another homeless man. “We got a half-gallon of whiskey and a room.”

Good luck to them.

Posted by Tim B. on 09/23/2005 at 04:13 AM
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