Grid girl chances minimal

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The Age’s Catherine Deveny – she who despises blue-collar Australia – takes gentle issue with those who attended a recent public event in her city:

How about that Grand Prix, eh? One look at the racing fans is all it takes for me to realise that some suburbs should have fences around them. Knuckle-dragging petrol-heads, anorexic bottle blondes marinated in fake tan and middle-aged blokes with man boobs and pimples on their arses paying exorbitant money to watch cars go fast. What a disgrace. It’s no wonder I drink.

Open-minded lass, isn’t she?

I’m sure the parents of terminally ill children suffering rare diseases that there is no funding for researching will take comfort in the fact that the State Government has probably spent $30million on loud, polluting cars while their child dies. They’ll be at peace knowing that Bernie Ecclestone has pocketed a $20 million licensing fee. There goes my chance of ever being a grid girl.

Deveny’s chances of being a grid girl are probably equal to mine. And I wouldn’t leave enormous Deveny-sized hoof divots in the tarmac.

Why is it that many of the flag wavers who are the keenest for these events so they can “show off” to bring tourists into our town are the ones that least want to share it. If you need to have a Grand Prix looting, marauding and corroding our town to feel “proud”, please kill yourself at your earliest possible convenience. And take your “I’m Another Australian Against Further Immigration” T-shirt with you.

I’ve been to five or six Grands Prix at Melbourne, and can’t recall seeing that T-shirt once. Seeing as it’s an international event, with spectators from all over the planet, the Grand Prix is an unlikely venue for anti-foreign sentiment.

When I walk along High Street, Malvern, and see rows of four-wheel-drives that have spent even less time in the bush than Telstra, I want to pull out my key and scratch into their pristine duco BUY A SMALLER CAR YOU GREEDY SELFISH——Or ride a bike and save on the lipo.

Check the Age’s carpark, Catherine. You don’t need to walk along High Street to see urban four-wheel-drives.

(More on this wall-eyed hatemass from Andrew Bolt)

UPDATE. Age readers slam Deveny.

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