Great big round-up continues

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 12:37 pm

Those Toronto terror arrests didn’t just happen by accident:

For nine months, Operation Mazhar’s police and intelligence agents in eight countries have monitored emails and intercepted phone calls, leading so far to the arrest of 30 men …

The first arrests came in a Sarajevo apartment in October when Bosnian police picked up 18-year-old Mirsad Bektasevic.

Along with him was a 20-year-old Danish-born man and, police say, explosives and a suicide belt. The suspected target was the British embassy in the Bosnian capital.

Subsequent roundings-up took place in Atlanta and Bangladesh. And now there’s been another arrest in the UK:

A Briton said to be a key figure in an alleged plot to bomb public buildings in Canada, including the Parliament, was arrested by counter-terrorist police as he stepped off a plane at Manchester airport.

Meanwhile, in Australia:

The jury in the trial of Sydney terror suspect Faheem Khalid Lodhi has retired to consider its verdicts …

Lodhi allegedly acquired two maps of the electricity grid, 38 aerial photographs of the defence sites and a price list for chemicals capable of making explosives in preparation for an attack.

Lodhi’s alibi: the maps and chemicals were part of “planned business ventures”, and the photographs were to decorate his CV.

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