Government “supports terrorism”

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 08:43 am

Unburdened of his former responsibilities as letters editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, Alan Kennedy sends a letter of his own to Melbourne’s Age:

It is time we stood up and told the politicians and their fellow travellers in the media to stop trying to scare the population into accepting this phoney war on terror …

These politicians and their chorus are the true supporters of terrorism in this country. We should be sending them white feathers. They have no stomach for the fight ahead; they want to meekly give in to the terrorists. They say we are defending our way of life here but at the first whiff of gunpowder they do everything they can to destroy our way of life with their attacks on the judiciary, their calls for control orders, banning orders and secret interrogations of the citizenry.

They are doing the terrorists’ job. They want to create a fearful society living in a police state. It’s time for the true patriots to stand up and say our laws and rights and freedom have been worth defending in the past and we will defend them now. Not by chucking them out the window but by sticking to them.

Kennedy seems a little confused.

UPDATE. Dan Lewis comments:

I met an Alan Kennedy once in the Waverley area who struck me as a very angry leftist. White-bearded bald fellow with spiny legs.

That would be him, Dan. Kennedy used to have a cheery, avuncular bearing, but nowadays exhibits the paranoid glare of the True Patriot.

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