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Last updated on June 24th, 2017 at 01:14 pm

An email from Tim Costello to World Vision Australia staff:

Dear Colleagues,

This weekend the world is observing Earth Hour. This is a global climate change initiative run by WWF which calls on individuals and businesses around the world to turn off their lights for one hour on Saturday March 29 2008 between 8pm and 9pm. However as most staff will not be at work during this time, we have decided to promote the hour at work on Friday 28 March between 12pm – 1pm …

In order to add some fun to this event, some members of the Sustainability Committee will be walking around the building during this time on Friday with black balloons. State Offices will also have their own ‘Earth Hour police’. Any staff who have left their desks for lunch and have not turned off their computers and monitors will have a black balloon attached to their desk.

Green Team! Green Team! Green Team!

UPDATE. Dave returned to his office Monday to discover he’d left a computer on all weekend …


He was taken from his place of employment that afternoon.

UPDATE II. Convicted diablos del brillo (power wasters, or, literally, “brightness devils”) are paraded in the streets.

UPDATE III. An empty interrogation room bears mute testimony to Earth Hour Police efficiency.

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