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Australian Sue Hoffman, on a visit to Syria, helps build some cultural bridges:

I was asked about anti-Muslim sentiments in the west and explained about talkback radio and the like, that there are Aussies who think that Muslims can’t be believed because the Quran says it’s OK to lie; that Muslims beat their women; that Islam is a religion of war not peace; that Muslims are out to convert the world to Islam; that Muslims support terrorists and suicide bombings. My friends were perplexed as to why people in the West might believe this stuff …

Nice work, Sue. Way to help. Of course, some Australians do think the worst of every Muslim, but equally some Muslims do lie, beat their wives, wage war, wish to convert the world, and support terrorism. The likes of Hoffman always become offended when this is pointed out. But give her a chance to run down her own people …

Posted by Tim B. on 12/04/2005 at 06:25 AM
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