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The ABC’s Media Watch received some unacknowledged assistance in composing last week’s attack piece on internet commenters. Note these June 12-13 posts from Ahmed, one of the freewheeling chuckleheads at Muslim Village:

For those who thought collecting these racist comments wasn’t going to achieve anything, watch Media Watch (ABC TV 9:15p.m est) next Monday … consider this as research and watch next Monday’s Media Watch to see the result of collecting such data.



And after the program was broadcast, on June 18:

Alhamdoulillah we were able to help the Media Watch researchers with this story. So there was a great benefit to collecting these quotes. Please keep them coming.

Look at for another “interesting” story on Media Watch in the near future, Inshallah

It’s a little unfair – possibly unethical – for Media Watch not to have credited the help of their Muslim Village volunteers, don’t you think? Perhaps Media Watch was put off by the fact that many MV commenters are anonymous, although they could have used some of the contributors’ charming screen icons:
image image image
Given that Media Watch’s focus was on “prejudices”, “bigots”, and “race hate”, it may be illuminating to examine some of the comments at their new associate site:

the sky is blue. i am feeling blue. so i must be the sky. fly a few planes through me on your way to a skyscraper. superb. ijtihad at its best.


Its about time we Muslims said it brazenly, unashamedly and proudly that YES,  … we DO want the world to be run by Islam. Violence is NOT wrong! Injustice IS!

No prejudice there.

May every Zionist be cut-off at the elbows and develop a lifelong itch in their shorts that they’re not able to scratch… damn them all

Why, it’s non-stop love at Muslim Village! Plus heartwarming olden-days fables:

Safiyyah died in 20 A.H. at the age of seventy-three. The was of Trench was fought in 5 A.H. She was therefore 58 then. These days a lady of that age is hardly able to do her domestic work. But look how Safiyyah (radhiallaho anha) goes and kills a Jew all alone.

So old, but still able to kill a Jew! There’s a lesson there for all of us. Muslim Village hopes today’s youngsters might follow her example:

i will bring my children up to believe that there is no better thing in life than to struggle in the path of God, whether its with their speech, their wallets or their hands in fighting.. and that there is no better honor than to die as a martyr.

Those taxpayer-funded geniuses at Media Watch have somehow overlooked a motherlode of internet-comment rage here; all of it moderated, too.

when a Palestinian dies fighting for their freedom, their abode will be Jannah. When a Zionist dies oppressing a fellow human being, their abode will be the hell fire. And that is where they belong.

They really don’t like “Zionists”.

We have no room for Zionist sympathisers in our hearts nor any respect for them and what they think or feel.

Sometimes commenters at Muslim Village ditch “Zionist” and use another noun:

our prophet has prophesised that eventually every single Jew will be eliminated from the face of this earth by the Muslims, after a major war between us and them (kafirs) … and the Messenger of Allah says nothing but the truth. Just a matter of time I guess.

Every so often, MV commenters venture opinions that might be thought “redneck” by Media Watch were they to appear at conservative sites:

• My store got robbed like 3 -4 months ago one of my managers got stabbed… and guess wat it was leboes!!! They spoke in arabic to top it off and the manager there was lebo as well they are soo stupid sometimes i swear they did it all for a few hundred dollars.

• I am against the Death Penalty…except when it comes to peadophiles…but they should be tortured first…very very slowly…then butchered!

• why is there such outrage to the Hamas Mickey Mouse when it’s simply a propoganda tool and it’s a technique used by several countries in the past (including the US). Here’s an example, i once watched a bugs bunny cartoon where he was fighting against Hitler. It portrayed Hitler as an incompetent fool and was very offensive to Nazis.

Anyway, let’s look forward to Muslim Village’s next Media Watch contribution – once they’ve unchained themselves:

I got Idea Why dont be chain Outside the Dailytelegraph Office or the Office of ACMA until they hear us

(Via the Zapper in comments – wicked, awful comments.)

UPDATE. Media Watch takes credit for MV’s work:

The examples selected were those we could find. Similar hate posts against other groups would have been considered. We didn’t find them on these sites, but would welcome submissions from viewers if they have them.

(Via Ripclawe)

UPDATE II. reports:

The ABC’s Media Watch is fighting claims of hypocrisy after its website published anti-Semitic comments mocking the Holocaust and claiming a Jewish conspiracy …

When asked about the racist comments, Mr Palmer told The Daily Telegraph: “You’re easily shocked.”

While admitting the comments were inappropriate, he said Media Watch was “caught by surprise by the sheer volume” of emails to the site last week.

There were two contentious comments. The first – shown unedited in an update here – went up within twenty minutes of last week’s broadcast, presumably in advance of any huge number of responses.

Mr Palmer claimed the posts remained on the website for a “few minutes” before being taken down.

Not so; the first comment remained unaltered for several hours. The second hasn’t been removed at all.

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