Freezy british doubt warmth

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Last updated on August 4th, 2017 at 03:11 pm

The British public ain’t buying this globey warming deal:

The public believes the effects of global warming on the climate are not as bad as politicians and scientists claim, a poll has suggested.

The Ipsos Mori poll of 2,032 adults – interviewed between 14 and 20 June – found 56% believed scientists were still questioning climate change.

See, that’s where the Ipsos folk made their mistake. Instead of adults, they should have interviewed 2,032 frightened children.

There was a feeling the problem was exaggerated to make money, it found. The Royal Society said most climate scientists believed humans were having an “unprecedented” effect on climate. The survey suggested that terrorism, graffiti, crime and dog mess were all of more concern than climate change.

Ipsos Mori’s head of environmental research, Phil Downing, said the research showed there was “still a lot to do” in encouraging “low-carbon lifestyles”.

Hey, kids! Let’s put on a show!

(Via Garth Godsman and James I)

UPDATE. Marcel Berlins is depressed.

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