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Tennis is a nancy sport featuring insufficient opportunity for injury (my solution: tie-breakers should be played using a rock-hard field hockey ball). That being said, women’s tennis is sometimes diverting, and not for reasons you may imagine. Rallies last longer; players seem less robotic (Roger Federer) or irritating (Lleyton Hewitt, shown here interviewing his hand and during a Lamaze class).

Much more fun to watch Australia’s Alicia Molik duke it out with Venus Williams. Molik had never defeated Williams (they’d met three times previously) but took her out in straight sets last night. If anyone was at the game, please file a match report in comments.

I’ve only ever been to a couple of Australian Opens, once to interview Martina Hingis; we arranged for this to be conducted at a show-jumping course outside of Melbourne, so Hingis (who loves horses) could get in some riding on her way to winning the first Grand Slam event of her career.

That victory almost never happened. Stupid horse threw her on a jump. It was a big fall, but Hingis hit the ground in a practiced roll and avoided any harm. Then Hingis quickly dusted herself off and determinedly hauled herself back on that horse. “I think she’s going to win the Open,�? I told her mother, which was kind of pointless, since Mrs. Hingis spoke no English.

In reply, she bought me an ice cream.

Posted by Tim B. on 01/24/2005 at 10:15 AM
    1. If I say to you “I think your going to win a Pulitzer”, will you buy me a sundae?

      Posted by JohnO on 01/24 at 11:00 AM • permalink


    1. Dropping the horse, as it’s apparently called, is an art that has its own rules.

      Posted by rhhardin on 01/24 at 12:10 PM • permalink


    1. You interviewed Hingis ? :sick:
      Damm you Blair.

      Posted by JAFA on 01/24 at 02:18 PM • permalink


    1. Well just thanks Tim, just ever so much!  That match comes on ESPN in 14 minutes here!
      Screetch! Please assume the head tilt of compassion!

      Posted by yojimbo on 01/24 at 02:48 PM • permalink


    1. What flavour?

      Posted by jlc on 01/24 at 03:12 PM • permalink


    1. Federer robotic?
      He’s just the most exciting player to hit tennis in the last thirty years!
      IF you want robotic look at some of the baseline hitters. The only time they go to the net is to shake hands at the end of the match.

      Posted by davo on 01/25 at 04:33 PM • permalink


    1. Tim, I have to agree with you about the nancy sport bit, but there must be a better solution than the field hockey ball.

      When my sons were younger they developed a game called tackle baseball, in which the 3rd baseman would charge the batter when the ball left the pitchers hand; the objective being to take the batter out before he manage to strike at the ball.

      When they matured to the gentle game of golf, they adapted the same approach in coming up with the sport of tackle golf in which when a whistle was blown an opponent would charge the player at the tee and try to bring him down before he made his stroke. Unortunately, most public courses in Quebec seem to frown on such enthusiastic competetiveness and the gave neber caught on.

      Surely a similar approach would lend substantial entertainment value to tennis.

      Posted by jlc on 01/25 at 05:43 PM • permalink


    1. … game never caught on.

      I know, I know “Perview is my fiend”!

      Posted by jlc on 01/25 at 05:45 PM • permalink


    1. Speaking of free ice cream, we now have Smileys:  🙂 🙂 :coolhmm:  :zip:  :coolcheese:

      And links.  Look – I can link to the comment right above mine:

      This is great!  I’m using technology to waste time!



      Posted by JayC on 01/25 at 07:12 PM • permalink


    1. BTW, happy Australia Day to all in Oz.

      Lift one of Jimmy Boag’s finest for me.  I’ll content myself with a Blanche du Chambly

      Posted by jlc on 01/25 at 08:10 PM • permalink


    1. davo is right (except about the 30 years): Federer is the best thing that happened to tennis in recent years. Baseline players are boring.

      Posted by jorgen on 01/26 at 07:41 AM • permalink


  1. Actually, I don’t care for men’s tennis at all. I do like women’s tennis, although it doesn’t really matter if they use a racket or ball.  Its interesting enough to see them picking up the ball, etc.  Perhaps if they could occassionally hurdle the net. Perhaps even wrestle in center court to resolve a disputed call.  It makes to think about.

    Posted by digitalbrownshirt on 01/26 at 01:33 PM • permalink