Freaks want to control

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Tim Dunlop: “Howard, in fact, is a control freak who wants as much as possible under his own control …”

Margo Kingston: “He’s a control freak – everyone knows that.”

Natasha Cica: “Howard is not the Great Satan. Nor is he Stalin or Hitler. But as a politician, he is a top-down, authoritarian control freak who is profoundly threatened by difference.”

Mungo MacCallum: “Among his other dislikeable qualities, John Howard is a control freak.”

Geoff Kitney: “John Howard is reputed to be the most obsessive control freak political leader of modern times.”

Question: why would a control freak seek to sell a communications network currently under 51% government control? Why would a control freakattempt to yield complete control of that network since taking office? And why are leftists—who, given their desire for state-controlled utilities—calling someone who wants to cede control of Telstra a control freak? Why would a control freak offer Telstra to the uncontrollable realm of market forces?

Posted by Tim B. on 08/17/2005 at 12:58 PM
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