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Seattle reader Raymond Fox emails:

I just read your blog item concerning Mary Mapes’ new book. If you had any but the most base motives you would be able to admit that, although the documents MAY have been forged, the authenticity of the information in them is beyond reproach. That is what this whole “debate” SHOULD have been about. But the truth isn’t something the Right is particularly interested in, is it? One look at the Swift Boating of John Kerry is enough to convince anyone of that. GOP campaign 2004 problem: W skipped out on service, John Kerry is a decorated Veteran. John Kerry is campaigning strongly on his service record. Solution: fabricate negative record through ancient and long-discredited group which was a front for Dick Nixon’s plumbers. This group was established by Nixon’s people around a bitter vet who was pissed at Kerry for his testimony to Congress. Make the campaign about Kerry’s record rather than W’s.

The bottom line, bottom feeder, is that W did skip his service and was never prosecuted for it. But then, by the standards of his “Presidency” this fact is a very minor matter. Much more important are his war crimes, his cabal of criminal cronies, etc.

Ray Fox
Seattle, WA

He says “cabal of criminal cronies” like it’s a bad thing.

Posted by Tim B. on 12/07/2005 at 09:34 AM
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