Four silenced

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Last updated on March 6th, 2018 at 12:30 am

The New York Post reports a possible online version of the Theo Van Gogh killing:

The father of a murdered New Jersey family was threatened for making anti-Muslim remarks online and the gruesome quadruple slaying may have been the hateful retaliation, sources told The Post yesterday.

Hossam Armanious, 47, who along with his wife and two daughters was found stabbed to death in his Jersey City home early Friday, would regularly debate religion in a Middle Eastern chat room, one source said.

Armanious, an Egyptian Christian, was well known for expressing his Coptic beliefs and engaging in fiery back-and-forth with Muslims on the Web site

The married father of two had recently been threatened by Muslim members of the Web site, said a fellow Copt and store clerk who uses the chat room.

“You’d better stop this bull—- or we are going to track you down like a chicken and kill you,” was the threat, said the clerk, who was online at the time and saw the exchange.

Posted by Tim B. on 01/17/2005 at 10:10 PM
    1. I’d better keep an eye out for Niall.

      Posted by C.L. on 01/17 at 10:26 PM • #


    1. They were found bound, gagged, with their throats slashed, as commanded by a fundamentalist interpretation of a passage in the Koran.

      In New Jersey.

      Posted by Aaron – Free Will on 01/17 at 11:16 PM • #


    1. There’s more on this from Kathy Shaidle.

      Posted by Andrea Harris on 01/18 at 04:06 AM • #


    1. The authorities could easily find those who made the threats and then we could have a public beheading.

      That might get the attention of the others who talk about the religion of peace.

      Posted by blerp on 01/18 at 05:22 AM • #


    1. A bouquet of Lingonberries and a note saying “The Justice System Will Handle It” will be sent by the Worldwide Association of Human Rights Lawyers to the grieving widow … oh, no … her throat was cut too.

      Posted by blogstrop on 01/18 at 07:23 AM • #


    1. Move along…there is nothing to see here…

      Posted by murph on 01/18 at 08:52 AM • #


    1. Well, at least the victims were Egyptian instead of White.  The Left will have to create a more unique excuse for the violence now.  Their Christian faith will give the Leftists material to work with though.  CAIR should be pleased.

      Posted by Ptolemy on 01/18 at 09:49 AM • #


    1. Maybe Cat Stevens personally endorsed their execution. I’ll be very disappointed if the Americans…unlike their appeasing European counterparts…don’t make a big deal out of this, and resolve this situation to all freedom-loving people’s satisfaction!

      Posted by Brian on 01/18 at 10:57 AM • #


    1. again???  two years ago in JC, police found 2 young indian women from guyana, their throats slashed & stabbed multiple times. one of them was 8 mos. pregnant with twin boys, who also died.

      turns out, she was killed by her muslim husband. couple had argued whether boys were to be brought up as hindu or muslim. having lost an argument, the husband killed his wife, her sister & unborn twins.  he tried to flee but was caught. don’t know how it all ended though.

      saw this coptic funeral in tv tonight. copts were pissed off that some muslims showed up.  they called them “murderers, who kill children & then show up, as if nothing happened’. some sheik was roughed up & cops had to break up a fight.

      Posted by niklaus on 01/18 at 12:09 PM • #


    1. We need to understand the root causes.

      What’s that? They’re murderous religious a-holes? OK, got it.

      Posted by Dave S. on 01/18 at 12:40 PM • #


    1. I live in Jersey and have follow this stuff pretty closely. I have very good sources in law enforcement. Given what I’ve learned since Sept. 11, The Post is probably accurate and the cops are trying to spin it.

      Jersey City has a big muslim component. At least one mosque as AQ connections, and there are others there and elsewhere—Paterson, for one—with solid links to muslim radicals. The chief assistant to the blind sheik who stried to blow up the World Trade Center in ‘93 is preaching death to America in Toms River.

      I’m not surpised this happened and I won’t be surprised to learn that at leat one of the victims took a dangerous—to radical muslims—secret with him.

      Posted by GaryS on 01/18 at 01:26 PM • #


    1. I don’t know if “a dangerous secret” has to be the reason for the killing if it was Muslim terrorists who did it. They seem quite willing to kill non-Muslims for just about any old thing.

      Posted by Andrea Harris on 01/18 at 01:30 PM • #


  1. This is obviously the work of the CIA in conjunction with Mossad.
    I heard it from a reliable source in Cairo.
    Muslims are peace loving and would never do anything like this.
    CAIR will confirm it.

    Posted by davo on 01/18 at 10:28 PM • #