Food stolen

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 02:57 pm

Superheroes Santa Guevara, Spider Mum, Operaistorix and Multiflex storm Hamburg:

The self-styled caped crusaders belong to a movement called Hamburg for Free, a loosely organized network with a simple and alluring ideology: People shouldn’t have to pay for anything they might want. Short on cash? Scuffling for change? No worries! Just walk into a store and help yourself.

Be awed by the cheese-liberating superpowers of these Hamburgy superfriends:

* Superflex: “Familiar with every type of job contract: part time, full time, internship. All the stress led him to a pleasant mutation of his molecules.”

* Operaistorix: “Survived the last few years with the help of his unemployment module.”

* Spider Mum: “In her hands, Ajax and a mop turn into merciless weapons.”

* Santa Guevara: “Dodges all control checks and disappears without a trace. With this power, he is able to escape from the boredom of call centers and university seminars.”

(Via Ushbeti, whose email alert bore this subject line: “News story about Hamburg crazy people.”)

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