Fight global freezing

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Last updated on March 6th, 2018 at 12:29 am

Canadian reader Jack Linard pleads for environmental justice:

It was -28 degrees Celsius in Montreal last night. There must be something we can do about this. Perhaps a UN-sponsored conference or something. I know there’s not a lot we humans can do to raise global temperatures, but a symbolic effort would certainly be appreciated by those of us who suffer year after year from these inhumane conditions. There must be something we can do to raise the temperature of the earth by 0.1 or 0.2 degrees. Perhaps burn a bit more coal, drive a bigger car, cut down some trees. Heck, I don’t know. We should turn this one over to the experts.

I know it’s a sacrifice, but just think how much the solidarity of the rest of the world will resonate with those of us condemned to spend our lives in northern climes.

Jack’s e-mail arrived a few days ago, so his weather report isn’t current. Still, who could deny that action must be taken, and urgently? Do your part by screaming around the block this afternoon in an environmentally-proactive climate improvement device.

UPDATE. The New York Times reports that the freeze is spreading:

Residents of Victoria, Tex., just off the Gulf Coast, were not dreaming yesterday when they woke up to a white Christmas.

They had one – the first in 86 years.

The NYT should have run this on the front page, as it does when things melt.

Posted by Tim B. on 12/26/2004 at 02:18 PM
    1. Plant__more__cows.

      Posted by yojimbo on 12/26 at 02:46 PM • #


    1. Due to the pressing urgency of the situation, I did what I could with the situation at hand – and pressed the Porsche up to 120mph in order to burn as many noxious hydrocarbons as possible.

      Happy to do my part. No need to thank me.

      Posted by Wind Rider on 12/26 at 03:39 PM • #


    1. Went out tonight and emptied all our spray cans in hopes of opening up the ozone a bit. Hope the hole makes it over Canada soon.

      Posted by tej on 12/26 at 03:44 PM • #


    1. Those of us who have been around long enough to remember when the shock-horror headlines had us all freezing to death by about now may also remember the solution – and one which could be usefully implemented in Canada: cover the artic icefields with carbon black to melt them and save humanity.

      Why does anyone live in Canada? What with the weather and the pseudo-Frogs it must be frightful.

      Posted by walterplinge on 12/26 at 06:58 PM • #


    1. Lucky you to own a Porsche, my 1956 morris is flat out overtaking a road grader – even when at smoko.

      Posted by rog on 12/26 at 07:18 PM • #


    1. Being of humble means I ate lots of cabbage with soya sauce. Hopped on my push bike 1 hour later and farted furiously.
      I hope this helps.

      Posted by gubbaboy on 12/26 at 07:21 PM • #


    1. Remember it’s now climate change not global warming. As long as the climate is variable evil humans are to blame.

      Posted by drscroogemcduck on 12/26 at 11:50 PM • #


    1. The bookies are rather bummed into the UK as it was a white Christmas here yesterday. Certain parts got a rather impressive snow fall.

      Posted by Andrew Ian Dodge on 12/27 at 01:26 AM • #


    1. My God, Andrew, you mean you Brits bet on snow at Christmas?  Is nothing sacred?

      Posted by ushie on 12/27 at 02:04 AM • #


    1. Snow in Texas??? So the Dems were right in that terrible things would happen if Bush was reelected!

      Posted by jorgen on 12/27 at 03:15 AM • #


    1. There are fossils of broadleaf trees on Antarctica.  There are fossils of Cedar trees 1000 km from the North Pole, in the Canadian shield.  I don’t know about the antarctic fossils, but the Cedar fossils are not there due to any “drift” of techtonic plates.  The electromagnetic signature of the fossils show that’s where the trees were actually growing, they have not moved.  The Canadian arctic once had the climate of Memphis, Tennessee.  In the seventies, some of the same people who tout the danger of global warming panicked about what was seen as the beginning of the next ice age.  If scientists put as much effort into cures for male pattern baldness as they do for climate, we’d be better off.

      Posted by Ioxymoron on 12/27 at 06:06 AM • #


    1. Remember it’s now climate change not global warming. As long as the climate is variable evil humans are to blame.

      Maybe the environutcases just want to encourage the development of Star Trek-style weather control stations. I’m not sure Montreal would deserve constantly nice weather, though.

      Posted by PW on 12/27 at 06:34 AM • #


  1. I have implemented a comprehensive and sure to succeed plan to fight global freezing in Canada.  However, it will take several months to show results, so I will not expect payment until then.

    Please send the reward to my PayPal account when the effects of my efforts are visible in, say, July.

    Posted by richard mcenroe on 12/27 at 07:21 AM • #