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Last updated on March 6th, 2018 at 12:30 am

A Muslim sheik tells an appreciative Sydney audience that women who are raped have no one to blame but themselves. Reaction from feminists? Mostly silence, punctuated by an occasional tumbleweed roll-by. But when John Howard says this:

There is a fragment (of the Islamic community) which is utterly antagonistic to our kind of society, and that is a difficulty.

There is no equivalent of raving on about jihad … that is the major problem. I think some of the associated attitudes towards women (are also) a problem.

Well, that’s got Australian feminists righteously steamed:

We are a group of Australian women from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds who stand together in condemning the Prime Minister for the peddling of his Islamophobic views.

After ten years of playing the race card, the Prime Minister’s inflammatory comments about Muslim Australians this week represent a new low for community relations.

Whoa! Feminoid bingo wings are a-wobble with rage. Please visit Major Anya for further commentary on these dizzy broads, who represent a sub-set of the Australia population responsible for, as Andrew Bolt points out, John Howard’s continued electoral success:

Every politician has enemies. John Howard’s fantastic luck in his decade as Prime Minister is that these are his.

Look at them—shrill artists, damn-Australia mandarins, group-think academics, stuff-you activists, sour journalists, gimme-rights ethnic bosses and the other discords of this cacophony of hate.

When Howard on March 2 celebrates his 10th anniversary in power, he owes these yammerers, now almost toxic with impotence, a silent prayer of thanks.

He owes a special prayer to Australia’s most prominent lefty blogger, who during the last election helped get out the Cretan vote.

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