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Enjoy all those prison trees, Chelsea:

Chelsea Gerlach, who joined the radical-environmental movement as a teenager, was sentenced today in Oregon to nine years in prison for her prominent role in torching a Vail ski lodge in 1998 and five other so-called “eco-terror” attacks.

Gerlach, 30, pleaded guilty to conspiracy, destruction of an energy facility and 23 counts of arson after being identified by an informant as a major player in a six-year reign of attacks on government, business and research facilities.

Why such a mild sentence for burning gal? Well, she shopped ten of her eco-friends to the cops.

The Denver Post received an e-mail Friday night from Gerlach’s sister, Shasta Kearns Moore, that included a statement from Gerlach.

“It’s becoming increasingly clear that the continued exploitation of the Earth is causing drastic consequences – global warming, toxic pollution, mass extinction,” she said in the e-mail. “Fundamental changes are needed in our society to achieve peace and sustainability. We all need to take personal responsibility for healing our relationship with the land and with each other.”

Gerlach’s former match-mates, now looking at serious indoor time themselves, will love that line about healing relationships.

As a member of a small clandestine group that called itself “The Family” …

Whoa! Adelaide alert! One hopes Gerlach will be kept separate from other prisoners; not for her protection, but theirs:

As part of the e-mail sent to The Post, Gerlach’s family said: “Chelsea is a very special person and we know that she will use her time in prison to the betterment of those around her.”

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