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Historian Manning Clark’s claim:

I happened to arrive at the railway station at Bonn am Rhein on the morning of Kristallnacht. That was the morning after the storm-troopers had destroyed Jewish shops, Jewish businesses and the synagogues.

Biographer Mark McKenna’s discovery:

It was Dymphna Lodewyckx,[Clark’s future wife] not Manning Clark, who witnessed the immediate aftermath of Kristallnacht … I am convinced that Clark chose deliberately to place himself on the streets of Bonn, knowing full well that he was not there.”

McKenna’s bizarre excuse for the late commie:

McKenna didn’t doubt for a moment that what Clark learnt of the pogrom and what he saw of its aftermath a few weeks later had the profound impact he always claimed. McKenna writes: “In this sense, there is no fabrication.”

(Via Paul Wright)

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