Excuse me, but these muslim clerics are completely out of their minds

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In Iran:

One of Iran’s most powerful clerics hinted during the Friday prayers sermon in Tehran today that last week’s London bombings could have been the work of the United Kingdom government.

Addressing worshippers at the site of Tehran University, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, who heads the powerful Guardian Council, the unelected constitutional watchdog, said, “At times they blame this [London bombings] as the work of Al’Qaeda. Al’Qaeda means [United States President George W.] Bush and [British Prime Minister Tony] Blair who were the mothers of Al’Qaeda and brought to life this illegitimate child”.

“There exists the possibility that the British government carried out this work, like the possibility [of American involvement] in the September 11 affair, since they themselves stand to benefit the most”, Jannati said.

And in Australia:

The country’s most radical Islamic cleric said yesterday he doubted whether the London bombers were Muslim, saying their actions were un-Islamic.

Melbourne’s Sheik Mohammed Omran said he would reserve judgment about the religious identity of the London bombers until more evidence emerged about them.

Sheik Omran said earlier this week that September 11 was not committed by Muslims and Osama bin Laden had no involvement, comments that John Howard branded yesterday “extraordinary and irresponsible”.

While he described the London bombings as evil, Sheik Omran doubted they were carried out by true Muslims, since millions of Londoners marched against the Blair Government’s involvement in the war in Iraq.

He said it was more likely the attacks were orchestrated by the US to justify its war on Islam. “That is absolutely what I believe it is,” he said.

Whatever. I guess we all say stupid things when we’re drunk.

Posted by Tim B. on 07/16/2005 at 02:20 PM