Exaggeration trend maintained

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 12:23 pm

Global warming believer Ron Bailey can’t quite bring himself to believe Al Gore:

Gore has won the global warming debate—the world is warming as a consequence of human activity, chiefly the loading up of the atmosphere with carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels. Yet he feels that he must exaggerate the dangers by propounding implausible scenarios in which sea levels rise 20 feet by 2100. He pretends that the science is settled with regard to the effect of global warming on hurricanes. And he pushes a scientifically tenuous connection between the spread of diseases and global warming. These are little inconvenient truths that cut against his belief that global warming constitutes a climate emergency. On balance Gore gets it more right than wrong on the science (we’ll leave the policy stuff to another time), but he undercuts his message by becoming the opposite of a global warming denier. He’s a global warming exaggerator.

As for Gore winning the global warming debate … he must be using a different makeup artist these days.

Posted by Tim B. on 06/17/2006 at 10:55 AM
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