Education breeds terrorism

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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz urges the world to understand the real issue behind terrorism:

“It is not related to any religion, culture or areas. It is related to poverty, suffering, removing sense of deprivation and
injustice in the world.”

But according to a Gallup survey of 10,000 Muslims across ten countries, poverty and suffering aren’t factors at all:

One finding was that the wealthier and better-educated the Muslim was, the more likely he was to be radicalised …

“Every politician has a theory: radicals are religious fundamentalists; they are poor; they are full of hopelessness and hate. But those theories are wrong,” the researchers reported …

They continue: “It’s no secret that many in the Muslim world suffer from crippling poverty and lack of education. But are radicals any poorer than their fellow Muslims? We found the opposite: there is indeed a key difference between radicals and moderates when it comes to income and education, but it is the radicals who earn more and stay in school longer.”

We in the west refer to this as “tenure”.

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