Earth day to live again

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Last updated on August 10th, 2017 at 10:00 am

Still doubt that Greenism is a religion? Check this apocalyptic envirosermon from Gaia monk Mike Weilbacher, who foretells that Earth Day will soon rise from the dead:

As climates collapse, water scarcity widens, more species vanish, and sea levels rise to where whole regions fret about drowning – Bangladesh, the Nile delta, the Maldives, Miami, the Jersey Shore – a global chorus demanding change will one day soon rise in a green tsunami of outrage. And Earth Day will become a centerpiece of the change ahead.

Testify, brother Mike!

As in 1970, when Earth Day catalyzed the comeback of bald eagles, the future Earth Day will regain its relevance in a shattered world to become the first secular holiday celebrated worldwide.

I’ll take that bet. Meanwhile, noisy Hollywood wife Laurie David’s bid to sign up one million “virtual marchers” has fallen gruesomely short, despite massive media support:

To date, David has not produced even 320,000 “marchers”.

Hit the link for much more on this from Ankle Biting Pundits. As it is, David has secured online signatures from just 0.106% of Americans; proportionally equal to a mere 21,300 Australians. From this tiny base, David imagines a nation-changing idiot-power movement will emerge:

As our numbers grow, we will use our collective voices to demand that governments, corporations, and politicians take the steps necessary to stop global warming.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

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