Dowd hits 1923

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Last updated on June 15th, 2017 at 01:57 pm

Maureen Dowd’s pop-culture reference generator—recently calibrated to 1989—is now set to the pre-talkie era:

Baby boomers’ almost comic fear of ageing reminds me of that silent-movie scene in which Harold Lloyd hangs precariously from the hand of a giant clock, literally pulling time from its moorings.

Dowd has lately been pulled from her Times moorings, too.

Posted by Tim B. on 04/17/2005 at 07:42 AM
    1. longtime Sunday favorite Maureen Dowd

      Shit, now i have to wipe coffee off of the screen.

      Posted by Mr. Bingley on 04/17 at 07:51 AM • permalink


    1. Safire replaced?

      Posted by ilibcc on 04/17 at 07:51 AM • permalink


    1. . . . She’s too old for high school
      Her pop references are uncool
      But she still preoccupied
      With 1985 1925

      Posted by Baby M on 04/17 at 08:02 AM • permalink


    1. The British History Detectives programme gleefully screened in prime time by the A.B.C. seems determined to cut those of Anglo Saxon heritage down to size. Week
      after week any pride they may have felt
      is swiftly knocked on the head. Not only were perceptions of the Brits agility and bravery against the odds repelling the Spanish Armada,the Charge of the Light Brigade etc etc they atually LIED about them all is the inference. Then they screen an horrendous drama about the Yellowstone Park in the U.S. cataclysmically self destructing hopefully (you get the distinct impression) visualizing the utter destruction of much of the despised and hated U.S.A. not content with merely vilifying their own country.WHY?

      Posted by crash on 04/17 at 08:09 AM • permalink


    1. still o/t and meanwhile Ms Doogue and co at Compass fire a super salvo in a blatant attempt to sink Cardinal Pell’s chances of winning the Papal Lottery by dragging out his family dirty linen in public and in the media.Seems his cousin ? is a lesbian former nun who resents his conservative outlook.Meanwhile on the news the children in the water scenario is dragged out again!

      Posted by crash on 04/17 at 08:31 AM • permalink


    1. Crash: so you watched that mockudrama on the Yellowstone supervolcano last night. The subject is one that interests me but not when it’s tarted up with fake melodrama involving stock characters like the Grandstanding Scientist, the Intrepid Reporter, and so on—and for Christ’s sake they even had Tom Brokaw narrating. It’s the sort of thing that almost makes me wish some sort of natural cataclysm would happen, just to see these people whimpering as their disaster porn fantasies come true.

      Posted by Andrea Harris, Administrator on 04/17 at 08:37 AM • permalink


    1. I’m surprised Dowd didn’t remember the mouse climbing up Lloyd’s pants leg, another one of the twelve labors.

      Why did she think it was a 12-story building?

      Posted by rhhardin on 04/17 at 08:50 AM • permalink


    1. Andrea- the way it was promoted by Aunty! This is not a fantasy – it could really actually HAPPEN – so brightly and cheerfully were the voiceovers presented.

      Posted by crash on 04/17 at 09:29 AM • permalink


    1. A few years back, the NYT tried to lure Mark Steyn to write a column.  He wouldn’t even return their phone calls.

      Of course, a few years before that, the Wall Street Journal trumpeted the news that Mark Steyn would write a regular column for them.  But he changed his mind due to his long list of other commitments.

      The NYT needs Mark Steyn bad.  Dowd and Kristof are above average, but not excellent.  Friedman is very good.  Krugman should focus on teaching.  But Steyn is in a realm of his own.

      Of course, I wouldn’t mind seeing a certain Australian write a column in an American newspaper now that I think about it.

      Posted by wronwright on 04/17 at 10:06 AM • permalink


    1. Crash: look on the bright side: if it does happen according to speculation, then the resulting Ice Age (from all the sulphuric gasses in the atmosphere) will plunge all of Europe—including Great Britain—under a glacier. What do I care I’ve already been there.

      Posted by Andrea Harris, Administrator on 04/17 at 10:10 AM • permalink


    1. OT, but, oh, God, I wish I could have seen that mockudrama!  I actually have a professional interest in that.

      Did they try to blame Bush for the Yellowstone supervolcano (sounds silly, I know, but people are still squawking about plastic turkeys, after all)?

      Or where they simply gleefully about the impending doom of the United States?  Which, as Andrea notes, would impact most of the world.

      Posted by The_Real_JeffS on 04/17 at 10:29 AM • permalink


    1. I saw that Supervolcano thing.  It was a great disaster movie, despite the murky eruption shots — they needed better CGI.  Which is about all the credence I gave it (although Yellowstone is volcanic, and probably will erupt sometime in the next, oh, 160,000 years by their calculation).  But DOOM and WOE!!!

      Dowd’s snide reference to “baby boomers and their ‘comic’ fear of aging” made me roll my eyes.  Okay, babe, let’s see you do a Happy Snoopy Dance when you get up in the morning and look at your pre-pancake face.

      Posted by RebeccaH on 04/17 at 01:11 PM • permalink


  1. They’re moving the inane Frank Rich columns to the op-ed pages? Are they trying to see if they can drive off their last remaining non-leftist readers?

    Posted by PW on 04/17 at 01:51 PM • permalink