Douglas wood rescued

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Last updated on June 17th, 2017 at 09:51 am

The Prime Minister just announced that Douglas Wood, held captive in Iraq since April, has been rescued by Iraqi forces working with US troops.

UPDATE. No mention of this so far on ABC news. Way to earn that $500,000, Juanita!

UPDATE II. Perhaps the ABC might have learned of Wood’s freedom if staff were permitted to read this site. Here’s the message that appears when anybody attempts access using an ABC computer:

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UPDATE III. Brief item on Wood runs as final piece before weather; newsreader mentions this as “returning to our lead story”. Must’ve been the world’s speediest lead. Still, apologies from me for getting it wrong—the ABC evidently did catch this.

UPDATE IV. Early News Ltd report.

UPDATE V. Wood was rescued in a military operation. The SMH describes him as being released. (Via ausdiplomad in comments.)

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