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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 02:45 pm

California peaceniks offer their excuses for failing to attend last Saturday’s anti-war demonstration:

“I am currently working 60 or more hours per week and once the weekend hits I just want to relax at home.”

“staying in with a cold was the main reason.”

“Rallies and parades just don’t seem to have the same power as they once did.”

“I was out of town.”

“I would have been there, but I had a wedding to go to.”

“I became quite ill late Friday evening …”

“gas is getting higher and people may not be able to afford the transportation.”

“I have a test coming up and am behind with it.”

“i was out of town.”

“My absence [was] due to conserving energy for prior childcare commitment, plus the rain was a factor for health considerations.”

“The walk from available parking is long.”

“other stuff to do all day …”

“I’ve never participated in a demonstration or rally going all the way back to the 60’s … It just makes us look like crazies who have nothing better to do with our time.”

“i have arthritis and cold and rainy windy stuff stiffens me into a statue of pain. i have also had a sore neck for a few days and even took muscle relaxant pill yesterday so i did not drive after that.”

“I was baking all day Friday and Saturday.”

“I did not attend as I’m awaiting back surgery.”

“Sat. is always a bad day for me to attend meetings.”

“missed the announcement.”

“My excuse was a transportation mix up …”

“I did not attend the rally because I am Seventh-day Adventist so Saturday is my Sabbath …”

“I am unable to participate in demonstrations, rallies and marches, etc., due to my limited mobility concerns.”

“I had been sick before and was way behind on work so I wasn’t able to be there, though I wanted to.”

“I was in the mountains for a weekend of recreation with friends. I also feel some fatigue by the ever-grinding war/profit/greed machine …”

“I had to attend the Tulare County Asthma Coalition conference and a bridal shower.”

“I am no longer of the belief that marches are very useful.”

“Honestly, I just plain forgot.”


“I’ve been thinkin’ about it, and it’s like, in a way, if you really look at it and everything, y’know, war is pretty cool.”

UPDATE II. Michelle Malkin meets the Moonbats.


“I was raised by peace activists,” the musician Moby announced to the packed crowd …

You don’t say.

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